September 4, 2011

Overwhelmed is an understatement...

This last week was my first week of classes in the evenings. I went into the week thinking it would be a breeze. We only have three classes this semester as opposed to five last fall. Boy was I wrong!

The first class that I have is research methods. It wont be bad because despite the amount of papers. Two of them are with a partner. The head of the department is also teaching this class so at least he is knowledgeable and I know I will learn something despite taking at least two other research method classes in my college career.

My second class is group counseling. I am really looking forward to this class. It is being taught by the "new guy" in the department. He is young and you can tell he LOVES running groups. There is some work in this class but I know I will be able to put to work what I learn in class right away. I like that!

My internship class...this is the one I am really overwhelmed by. I guess I didn't realize how much work this was going to entail. I mean there are soo many things that we have to do. 6 lesson plans, 10 reading critiques, a whole bunch of paper work. I am so stressed about this. I think that part of the reason that I am so stressed and overwhelmed by this is because its all so unorganized right now. Those who know me, know how organized I like to be with my work. Now looking at my room, you would have no idea I like to be organized, but that's my clothes not my work. Right now, I don't feel like I have all my assignments organized in my head and in my binder/planner. I think once I do that, I will feel a bit better about it. I am just so fearful that I am going to miss something and not be able to get my degree. I know it seems irrational but it comes from a place of legitimacy.

Is anyone else feeling this way? Am I way off base here? Is it too much to hope that I blink and its May and I have everything done?


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