September 13, 2011

Operation BEA-U-TIFUL

Hey everyone!
I found out about this wonderful website from a friend's page on facebook. She had posted a picture that she had taken in the bathroom of the store she was recently at. I was so inspired that I finally looked up the website because I couldn't believe what I had seen. My first thought, to be honest with you, was, "Uh oh, we have another Aunt Jeanette on our hands!" Now I should probably explain what that thought means before I progress any further.
My grandma June's twin sister's name is Jeanette. When I say they are twins I mean it. When I was little I thought they were both grandma because I couldn't tell them apart. My Aunt Jeanette makes these bookmarks out of old greeting cards and then tapes bible verses to them. She leaves them EVERYWHERE!! When I was in high school, I was in Iowa for a family wedding. We were in the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner, and I went to the bathroom before going to sit down. I found a bookmark, which is how I knew that my Aunt Jeanette was there. Needless to say, in high school I found this rather mortifying. But now as I grow older, while I still find this a little weird, I can see how this can be a really great idea.

Then I stumbled upon this picture and this website. It seems like kind of a duh moment. How easy is it really to make someones day? How easy is it to boost someones self esteem? And Operation Beautiful does it with one single post-it. How easy is it to carry a small thing of post-its and a pen in your purse, especially for those of us that carry huge purses?! I think that I am going to start this trend in my neck of the woods. I also plan on sharing this with the girls groups that are being started at my internship site. It is such an easy thing to do that can make a difference in the life of a stranger.

Thought everyone could use something to brighten their day!


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