September 27, 2011

CPS- When do you call?

Hey all,

I have a question to pose for you today. But I should preface it with a story. In case you are not from Wisconsin, CPS stands for Child Protective Services. As you all know, we are mandated reporters. Okay, on to the story.

Today at my internship site, all the counselors meet to discuss whether or not we should call CPS on a student. Without getting into any detail, there were some stories this student told that became concerning for us. While there was no visible evidence and the story we heard was told second hand, we had to try and decide whether or not to call CPS.

Now its time for you to answer, when do you feel you need to call child protective services, or whatever its called in your state? Does it change for each age level? Does your state do well at following up?

Please give me feedback. I am curious!


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