August 7, 2013

Hello Again Blog World!

Hello Blog World!

Wow! I am sorry that it has been FOREVER since I have posted anything on here. I was working 50 hours a week for the end of the semester and summer has been crazy with trying to find a new counseling job and working at summer camp. As you may have read, I was working 10 hours a week as a Title 1 counselor at an elementary school in the area. I worked all summer to find a job. Had a few interviews, made it to a second interview (I didn't get that job and was called a kiddo. Don't even get me started!), then I finally found a job!!

I am officially the K-4 Elementary School Counselor (they call it guidance but we will work on it!) at Park Lawn Elementary School in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

I am very excited to get started in this new role. The school seems like a great fit for me. The staff that I have meet so far seem amazing and I hear they are all great! The principal is great too! I know she can see how school counselors can be of value in the school.

My position is only 60% at first. Which means I work 3 days a week. We are hoping that we will be able to add a day in October and with any luck, move to full time for next fall!

My schedule will mostly consist of classroom lesson at first. I am in each classroom for 30 minutes EVERY WEEK! I am super pumped because classroom work is my favorite part of this job. I will have some time to do some small groups and individual counseling as needed. The hope is that when we add the 4th day, I will have more open time to do some small groups/career cafes/individual counseling.

I can see that I have a lot of work in front of me but I am excited to get started, meeting the students/staff, and getting my program rolling!

I hope you all have a great rest of your summer if you haven't started back yet. If you have already started back, I hope you spend some time doing something for yourself before the kiddos start up!