March 2, 2012

Pick from Me Bowls

Hey all,

When I was at the WSCA conference last week, I got these great cards. They have a positive message on one side and a trivia question on the other. They are meant for lunchboxes but the lady I was talking to says she uses them with students. I was thinking of having them for students to grab as they walk out of the door of the office.

I was strolling around Michaels, which is such a dangerous thing to do, when I stumbled upon these cute little fishbowls. They were originally $5 which I thought was a great deal but when I got to the register, they were only $2.50! I should have gone back to get more!! I took small pieces of tissues paper and modge-podged them on the outside. They are colorful and fun! I am thinking of using one to put candy in and the other to put cards with positive messages.

What do you think? Is this something you would do for your office?

It was a great project to get done on this snowy Wisconsin Friday and Saturday!