January 14, 2013

My New Counseling Position!

Hi Everyone!

I am sorry it has been such a lapse in time since my last post. I have a few posts in the works to show off my new office as well as talk about some of the things that I am starting at my new school.

Speaking of my new school! I got a job working as the only school counselor at a title 1 elementary school in my hometown!! It is only 10 hours a week but I look at it as 10 is better than 0!

I was super excited to get this job and as you can probably imagine, I put waaaay more than 10 hours in for the first few weeks. My office (really its a classroom) was finally coming along and I was getting my game plan together for the time after break.

Well I had a meeting with my principal who loved all the ideas that I had. But then I got some unsettling news. After they hired me, the paperwork for my position (which was supposed to be funded under title 1) was rejected :-( I was sad but I couldnt be too upset because my principal was supposed to call me over break and tell me not to come back in. Clearly, she realizes how important counselors are to all students, so after agonizing and many sleepless nights (I am soooo appreciative of her for all of this!!) she re-worked the school budget so that she can pay me for my 10 hours a week through the end of March, possibly the end of April. After that, who knows!

I really cannot be too upset because I know she agonized over this for part of the holiday break! I am so thankful she believes in having school counselors in all levels of school and I couldnt be more thankful. My hope is that if she cannot pay me in April or May, that I will volunteer my time to come in and conduct groups/career stuff/transition pieces for that time.

On a positive note, since I am not funded through title 1, that means that the documentation of EVERYTHING I do or say does not have to happen. It was kind of a relief to hear that but I am still documenting everything so that I can go to the school board soon and prove to them with my data and personal testimonials that they need to hire me for full time next year. I would even be willing to go to a couple of different schools but I firmly believe that this district needs to rehire elementary school counselors and I am making it my goal to be the first one!!

That is all for now. I have a busy Monday ahead of me! I will post pictures of my office as well as my game plan for this year sometime this week!