September 17, 2012

Testing, Testing, Testing

Hi Fellow Educators (And maybe some non-educators),

I thought these next few pictures were fitting considering the next two weeks that we are about to jump into.

We are officially in testing week people! Right now, there are two separate tests taking place at my school. MAP testing is required for all 2-5 grade students. 2nd and 4th graders are taking it this week and 3rd and 5th grade are taking it next week.

There is also a test called the COGAT going on. These are being taken by the 3rd and 5th grade students. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed while trying to schedule all these tests as well as making sure all the IEP and 504 students were taken care of. Now that testing is about to get underway, and things seem to be going smoothly this morning (fingers crossed) it should make for a easy flowing week.

I also start classroom guidance this week for the month of September. I will post about that at the end of the week since I will have given a lesson in each grade and be able to post some picture of the work that gets done! I am excited to get into all the classrooms and start learning students names. I really enjoy being in the classroom and I hope that each lesson runs as smoothly as possible.

Until then,



  1. Hi Jennifer. Welcome to the wonderful world of school counseling. We too are in the midst of MAP testing, running records, and assessments.
    I am from Wis too and follow many blogs. One you might want to follow is the Corner on Character--a great blog for school counselors--she is even originally from a small town near Green Bay.

  2. Hello and happy Friday to you Jennifer. As i was reading your post,. I thought your picture are so amazing and your post look style so inspired . Thanks for sharing to your thought..