November 7, 2011


Hey y'all!

Sometimes I just feel like I should be from the south. Anyways, I realized just now that it has been over a month since I have posted something on here. Ooops! I cannot believe that we are already a week into the month of November. The weather is really starting to feel like it is moving in the direction of winter. I am not looking forward to having to bundle up and make my way out when its cold and there is snow. It can sometimes really be a pain. Ugh!

An update on internship, since its what this blog is about. Things have been picking up around here...finally!! I have a couple of students that I see on a regular basis. I am part of 3 groups. 2 girls groups (one junior and one senior) and one transfer group. The transfer group will be ending in a few weeks and I am kinda sad about it. I look forward to meeting with these boys once a cycle to chat about life. We (the other intern and I) asked how they felt about the group last week. They said that they really enjoyed it but they wished we had brought more food. Guess I am baking for next time :-) We are talking about bringing in lunch for the final group since the group runs around lunch time. The boys seemed REALLY receptive to the idea, surprise surprise. ;-) The girls groups are going really well. I even got to run one of them by myself last week. It turned out really well and I felt surprisingly comfortable doing it. I really like running small groups because it gives me a chance to talk with these students on a deeper level. I feel like I am really getting to know each of them personally.

I have a few students that I am working with on a semi-regular/regular basis. Its good to see the same kids often and be able to chart their progress. I hope that I am able to help them in some way before I have to leave here at the end of the semester.

I am going on Thursday to see the school's production of Fame. I know a few student's that are in it and I am excited to go and show support. Plus I LOVE the story line. Friday is XIXIXI (11/11/11). That means that we are scratching a day of classes to have an assembly and do a bunch of awesome activities. More to come on that and FAME once the end of the week rolls around.

I am hoping to get some stuff scheduled and do a few classroom guidance lessons before I leave here. I am going to go into a room of seniors and talk about the transition to college. I am really looking forward to this and am hoping that it comes to pass sometime before the holidays. Speaking of holidays...

My family is leaving this weekend to head down to Iowa. My cousin's girlfriend is having a baby so we are throwing her a baby shower. So while the entire side of the family is in town, we are also celebrating my grandpa's birthday AND Thanksgiving! I am so not ready for Thanksgiving to be here but I suppose it is right around the corner. It should be a good weekend filled with fun, family, and food. And hopefully some football. :-) After this weekend, I am going to try really hard to start eating healthy. I started to realize that my eating habits are getting worse instead of better these days. It needs to change ASAP!! So stay tuned. I might/will have plenty of questions for all of you school counselors out there. And anyone else too!!!

That's all for now. I will update later in the week.


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