August 20, 2011

Oh How I Love Massages!

So I went with my best friend to have a spa day in Kohler. Let me just plug here and say the Kohler Waters Spa at the American Club was amazing. The staff was phenomenal and it was such a relaxing atmosphere. All the stress I had built up from working summer camp is all gone. At least until I start internship next week :-) It wasn't a cheap spa to go to but it was totally worth the money.

Okay now that I have added my shameless plug, lets chat about self-care. Ever since undergrad, I have found that doing stuff for myself is really important. When I get stressed and tired, I get crabby. No one wants to be around me when I get like that. It used to be that I could just read a really good free read book and that would do the trick. But I have found that lately that just doesn't rejuvenate me quite like it used to. It is becoming ever more evident through classes and all the work that I am throwing myself into that self-care is truly important. I carry my stress in my shoulders and when it feels like they are up to my ears, then I know I need to do something. Going to a spa, getting a massage, or getting my nails done, really does help me relax. I can spend a few hours not thinking about the things that I have yet to do or the crazy things that have been happening.

I think its so very important to find a way for everyone to relieve their stress. Having too much stress can be detrimental to your health. I was reading an article in a magazine today that said even missing 1 hour of sleep a night can be awful for your health. You can "catch up" on the weekend but after a while it can really start taking a toll on your health. So much so you can have high blood pressure amongst other issues. So part of self-care that I struggle with is making sure that I get a good night's rest. Sometimes there is just so much to do but I know that if I don't get sleep, my day will not go as I want it to. Some people say that they can run on five hours of sleep, I bet that cant be true. I need at least seven in order to function somewhat okay. Eight is even better!

I want to hear from you! What are your favorite things to do for self-care? When you are really stressed as a school counselor, what do you do? Who do you go to when you just need to talk it out?

That's all for tonight. I am going back to watching the women's U.S. gymnastics championships. Wish I could be as fit as these ladies! Goodnight all.



  1. Hi Jennifer! We have a WI connection as I grew up in Wayside, just north between Kohler and Green Bay.

    I started a blog this summer for teachers, parents, and counselors. I'm eager for us to exchange ideas. Welcome to the most wonderful profession on the planet!

    The Corner On Character

  2. Hi Barbara!

    Thanks for reading!! I am excited to follow your blog. I am always looking for advice or new ideas to put to work.