August 31, 2012


Hey everyone,

So I found a job. Its not the most ideal situation but all you need is a foot in the door right!? I am the long term substitute counselor in an elementary school is Wisconsin. Student population is about 700. There is a second counselor and he just got hired last week. This is both our first counseling positions so we are going to muscle our way through together!

Being a long term sub is not ideal but its a foot in the door and I get to work with the little ones!!

I am almost done with my about me book and believe me, the pictures will get posted on here as soon as I am done! As well as pictures of "my" new office.

Thank for all the support. Hope every ones new school year has started off fabulously!!


PS Sorry for the extra exclamation points. I am just really excited as I am sure you can tell.

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