May 3, 2012

Coming to an end...

Hi Everyone!

I hope this post finds everyone in good spirits. Not too much time left before the school year is over and we will be into summer. I cannot believe it is May! How crazy!!

I am finishing up at both of my internship sites. I wasn't prepared for the "goodbye". Which is silly of me! We do forgiveness education at my elementary site. This week is our last week of lessons. The other intern and I received some very lovely gifts from our 1st grade students on Monday. I had a hard time holding back my tears. One of the classrooms made the other intern and myself cards. They were soooooo cute!! My favorite line was, "Thank you for reading us hirton hers a ho". I just about died laughing! How cute is that?! Horton hears a who was one of my favorites that we read this semester.

A friend suggested that I frame that card and on days that I am feeling down or the school day is a rough one, I can pull that out to remind me why I am doing what I am doing. I thought that was a rather brilliant idea.

The other 1st grade classroom gave us a welcome sign that we can place on our door when we get our first job to remember then by. How cute! I was not prepared for how emotional it would be. I was sad to leave my site last semester but this semester I have had way more contact with the kids in the classroom. I knew it was the last lesson I was going to give but I guess I just wasnt prepared for how sad I would be to leave.

Tomorrow is our last day of lessons for the rest of the classrooms. We have 4 of them. I think I will be more prepared emotionally to handle what tomorrow might bring. I just hope I can make it through the day then if I need to go home and cry, I can. :-)

I have one more week with my individual students at the elementary school level. At least I won't have to say goodbye to them this week as well.

On a positive note, I applied for three jobs in my dream district this week. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get a call back. I did some leg work a few weeks back in the district so I am hoping getting my name out there paid off.

How do you guys handle "goodbyes" in the counseling world? Esp. the interns or new professionals.

Thanks guys! I hope you are all having a great end to the semester.


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